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Saturday Night: A Photo Essay

No one is admitting to finishing the chips.

Please note: This post has been modified since its initial inclusion on the site. In the place where there now appears a lovely artist’s rendering, there used to be a photograph. One of the subjects of that photograph complained – I’m not saying which […]

Sony DCR-HC26 Video Capture Problem

Once I finished the cabinets up yesterday afternoon, I transitioned from “handyman” to “geek” mode and started working on a little video for the charity event Spouse and I are helping to organize; it’s essentially a commercial for the event that I’m going to put up on YouTube.

I spent the late/afternoon and early […]

The silence was deafening.

HIR:tb is back, after a brief but spirited match with an ambitious and highly mischievious bunch of technical gremlins. For the past couple of days, anyone attempting to access the site either got an error message (early in the Crisis); a blank browser page with a cryptic message in the title (late yesterday, my way […]

Remember what SNAFU means?

Bear with us here at HIRTB for a couple of days. There is a situation that has developed with the HTML code in the wordpress theme that used to control the manner in which this site is presented. This “situation” developed when I got a little bored at half time of the Pats-Bolts game and […]