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Class Act Cervidae

In an effort to pay the bills around here, Heroes in Rehab: the blog has decided to run the occasional advertisement.   Management has resolved to ensure that the commercial content is tasteful, minimally intrusive and discreet.  In addition, we are determined to endorse only those products and services that we here at HiR:tb can in good conscience recommend because we find ourselves using and enjoying them on a regular basis.  Keeping that in mind, may I present a message from one of our esteemed sponsors:


Oh, deer...

And now with the mercantile niceties behind us, the staff ’round here will presently return you to your regularly scheduled half-baked analysis, tangential musings and baldfaced lies, mixed of course with a liberal dose of poopy jokes.  Now with 15% more deer porn!   I think we all knew it would come to something like this on this site eventually.

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