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Actual reasons no writing got done yesterday:

  • schedule included one hour set aside to undertake “put up the birdfeeder” project;
  • actual time elapsed to complete “put up the birdfeeder” project: four and a half hours, including two trips to three Canadian Tire stores in two different municipalities;
  • the grass – it keeps growing, and I am compelled to stop that by use of heavy machinery and whirling blades;
  • Stanley Cup Final game #2 got played, and I therefore needed to watch. It will be interesting to see what happens if Pittsburgh ever gets to have the puck.

I prefer, however, to blame my absence from the keyboard on a certain larcencous feline fond of task chairs situated in front of  personal computing devices.

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Back Off!
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  1. Wireless internet is a blessing and a curse — I’ve moved main blogging duties to the obsolescent laptop, courtesy of the $25 wireless card I snagged off of eBay, but that means that I need to feel productive in front of the TV, when I’d really rather be hugging my knees and hoping for the best.

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