Spiritual Advice from Personal Care Products

Live Clean, Sweet Pea 8496
Live Clean, Sweet Pea!

On the edge of the sink in our bathroom stands a bottle of liquid hand soap.

“LIVE CLEAN,” announces the label.  Appearing below the brand name, in slightly smaller type, are the words “Sweet Pea.”  I choose to read the label – each and every time I use the bathroom – as an exhortation to adopt a generally ethical approach to life, followed by a diminutive and familiar address.

“Live Clean, Sweet Pea!”  says the soap.

“I’ll try, l’il dumplin’,” I answer.  “I’ll try.”

Then I leave the bathroom with clean hands, a renewed sense of purpose and a feeling that I am well-liked and surrounded by various and sundry supportive items of personal property.

By junior

Guitar owner and silly person.


  1. You know, I think I said the exact same thing to myself the last time I was at your house. Spooky how our minds work.

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