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Portrait of the Artist as a Wrung Man

I have been working all day on a writing project that is due shortly. The “writing process” (by which I mean “staring at the screen wondering what the hell I’ve gottem myself into”) was going painfully slow a bit earlier, so Spouse convinced me to take a break to go into town. We had dry […]

Passive Aggressive Sign Language

Rona, as it used to was.

Not far from the friendly confines of Juniorvania, there used to be a Rona store. Careful and attentive readers may remember this store making a cameo appearance in a home improvement saga related to the making of shelves from last year. I think I went in to that […]

Spiritual Advice from Personal Care Products

Live Clean, Sweet Pea!

On the edge of the sink in our bathroom stands a bottle of liquid hand soap.

“LIVE CLEAN,” announces the label. Appearing below the brand name, in slightly smaller type, are the words “Sweet Pea.” I choose to read the label – each and every time I use the bathroom […]

Escape Plans, Folsom Prison Style

Busy, busy, busy like a bee this week. It has been a heavy week at work for both Spouse and I, and we are starting to go into maximum-overdrive-on-the-border-of-but-not-quite-panicking (because that’s not productive) mode about the charity event we’re organizing. We are members of the committee charged with putting together the silent auction/kick-off party for […]

Some Olympic Thoughts

Usain Bolt: the guy nearly stumbles coming out of the blocks (dragging his left toe on the first stride), shuts the engine off at about 80m (foregoing a full-power effort for the last 8 strides of what is for him a 42 stride race) and STILL shatters the world record and lays down a 9.69. […]

No: Smoking! Then, No Smoking.

The Province of Ontario has a new law, as of May 31st, requiring variety stores (and most other tobacco retailers , except for designated “smoke shops”) to conceal all tobacco products on the premises. Cigarettes cannot be displayed openly on the familiar racks behind the counter; instead, most stores have adopted a system of shelves […]

Thanks For Pointing That Out.

Spouse and I took time out from our busy schedule of tractor buying, house cleaning and raccoon fighting to tour the gardens at Canning Perennials on Saturday. Canning has a yard-front retail operation that seems quite extensive as these things go, but the real draw on site is the elaborate show gardens out back of […]


On the way to work yesterday, discussing the chores we had done in the yard on the previous day, Spouse had occasion to refer to our wheelbarrow as one that is “garden variety”. This is to say that the wheelbarrow in question is not designed for use at shopping malls, church, or fine dining establishments […]

Infectious African Diseases at the Mapleview Mall.

I made a quick trip to the mall today, hoping to get some spare parts for the People’s Lawn Improvement Tractor so that it might actually start up and become mobile, which is an excellent quality in a tractor of any kind. The People’s L.I.T. is a Craftsman, and I thought I might be able […]

Life on the periphery

I was in Toronto today attending a work-related educational conference. When the lunch break came, I decided I needed to pop outside for a bit of fresh air to clear my head. The conference was taking place in the area of City Hall, so I wandered down to Nathan Phillips and watched the skaters gliding […]