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I know I promised to try and post some odds and sods that didn’t make it in to my Maple Leafs Annual article. I haven’t had a chance just yet to go digging through the digital archives, because I’ve been working almost literally all weekend (aside from a spin on the lawn tractor and a […]

Escape Plans, Folsom Prison Style

Busy, busy, busy like a bee this week. It has been a heavy week at work for both Spouse and I, and we are starting to go into maximum-overdrive-on-the-border-of-but-not-quite-panicking (because that’s not productive) mode about the charity event we’re organizing. We are members of the committee charged with putting together the silent auction/kick-off party for […]


It’s been a busy few days; Spouse and I are readying the Nation for the First Annual Founder’s Day Celebration and National Holiday, including Festivals of Sport and Competition and particularly the Juniorvanian Open Championship of Par 3 Golf, which takes place this weekend. We are expecting the whole family to gather to partake in […]