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On Birthdays

When I was younger, birthdays were an event.  As a child, there were parties to be held, loot bags to be distributed, toys to be acquired, opened, assembled and played with, not to mention occasionally repaired immediately thereafter.  As a young man, there were social outings with friends to be organized;  alcohol to be consumed;  hangovers to be survived.   Birthdays were significant and complicated social occasions, the enjoyment and success of which were difficult things to evaluate.

I am now 43, and things have changed.  I have significantly simplified the criteria for assessing the success of a birthday.  For a successful birthday, I must:

  1. Go home early from work;
  2. Eat tacos for dinner; and
  3. Not get injured in any way during the day.

I am pleased to report that yesterday, Spouse and I managed to go three for three – though it was touch and go on number one there for a while, and it is debatable whether leaving the building at 4:58 really counts as “going home early”.  Nevertheless, I prefer to declare the day a success.

One more lap around the sun successfully completed.

5 comments to On Birthdays

  • Happy birthday, bro. You’re a rudey.

  • Awww, eye!!! I’m blushing!!!!1

  • Godd Till

    Happy Birthday! I eat tacos for my birthday most years too, every year as a kid.

  • Congratulations on another successful circumsolar cycle; as more proof of the bizarro life we lead, our ages now have the digits precisely reversed (this will happen every eleven years; I suppose there’s some higher math at work beyond simple love of tacos and hockey).

  • @Godd: Thx for the birthday wishes. Tacos rule, man.
    @Mike: Thx also for the good wishes. As for our bizarro connection, let’s do a quick science experiment: empty your pockets and count the change. 57 cents, right? Or maybe 75? This is spooky, man. Oh, and I don’t think there IS any higher math than that involving tacos and hockey.