Happy Thanksgiving

No slacking off at work, or Wendel will punch my blood out.
Office Wendel Oversees My Productivity at Work. Imagine how little I'd get done if he weren't threre threatening to punch my blood out?

Wendel (well, actually my framed autographed picture of him – that is, the one I keep in my office, not the one I keep at home) wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Know what goes great with turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy? Four points in the “W” column, my friends. All of them earned against either dirty, dirty Habs or ridiculous Senator types. Enjoy your celebratory repast, my Canadian friends; and don’t worry, McMericans, your (wrongly scheduled) Thanksgiving and its attendant turkey will come soon enough.

By junior

Guitar owner and silly person.


  1. We could all use a little Wendel-rific motivation at work (and home; Thanksgiving, so close, is the deadline for me to get the nursery ready. Progress thus far: 5%).

  2. I got stalled on my own completion rate there earlier today – with the painting complete thanks to the able assistance of The Dads, I set out to put up the wallpaper border only to discover (well, really “re-discover, ’cause my Dad had mentioned it the other night but I forgot) that I need something called “wall sizing”, lest the paper become permanently fused to the wall surface.

    I peg project completion at about 60%. In addition to the wallpaper border, there is another paint touchup now required (I screwed up drawing lines on the newly painted wall for the border), the furniture needs to be arranged, a couple of shelves need to be put up, and curtains need to be installed.

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