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Happy Thanksgiving

Office Wendel Oversees My Productivity at Work. Imagine how little I'd get done if he weren't threre threatening to punch my blood out?

Wendel (well, actually my framed autographed picture of him – that is, the one I keep in my office, not the one I keep at home) wishes you […]

What Would Wendel Do?

Remember the bit about “Spouse on the couch…oozing phlegm” from yesterday?

Well, apparently, I’m a quick learner. I too can ooze phlegm. Only problem is, I can’t stay at home. I have a day-long series of meetings set up to prepare for some things at work that are starting Friday, and then those things are […]

Wendel: Call Me, We’ll Hang Like a Banner.

Wendel Clark is having his jersey number honoured by the Toronto Maple Leafs in a special pre-game ceremony tonight at the Air Canada Centre. I have to mark the occasion here, because anyone who knows me knows that Wendel was by far and away my favourite Leaf (which means my favourite hockey player) of all […]

The Day I Bought the Leafs.

I bought the Toronto Maple Leafs today. No, really, and although the Maple Leafs I own will never win the Stanley Cup, I’m just as happy as can be. Just to fit in with the previous owners, I told the first guy I met on the street today, “you’re fired.” I also raised the price […]