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It Isn’t Easy Being Green.

The return of the Grey Cup game to Toronto after a 15 year absence is one of the very strong storylines underlying Sunday’s Winnipeg vs. Saskatchewan match for the CFL championship.

Stephen Brunt, in his usual excellent fashion, has written a piece on Hogtown’s curious relationship with the Grey Cup game. In addition to […]

Coupe Grey 2007

I can’t let the 2007 CFL season pass on without commenting on the upcoming Grey Cup game – next Sunday in Toronto at the Don’t-Call-Me-Skydome-Anymore Rogers Centre.

Obviously, as a Ticats season ticket holder, I would prefer that the Hamiltonians would be present and oski-ing our collective wee wee. It was fairly obvious, however, following […]

What he said!

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about the Ticats’ lack of discipline and need, first and foremost, to avoid penalties. Steve Milton agrees:

With all the other problems plaguing the rebuilding team, the Cats cannot afford the folly of leading the CFL in penalty yardage.

In just two games, their sins have cost them […]

Hammer Couture

In the concrete aisle behind Box H at Ivor Wynne last evening, spouse drew to my attention a young lass wearing a black t-shirt that insisted, in very large lettering, “I HAVE A Ph. D.*” The asterisk naturally led one’s eye to the insignia emblazoned below in a somewhat smaller font, which indicated, “Pretty Huge […]

Open Letter to Ticat Fans


To: Hamilton Tiger Cat Football Fans

From: Jason Maas

Subject: June 30th game vs. Calgary Stampeders