Hulk 2 Movie Trailer Now Online

Parts of Hulk 2 (due for release in June of 2008, starring Ed Norton and Liv Tyler) were filmed here in Hamilton last fall. The Hulk 2 Movie Trailer is now available online (go clicky on the link). Many of the scenes featuring destruction in the streets that are shown in this trailer were filmed in Toronto, on Yonge – out front of Sam the Record Man and the Zanzibar Tavern (which looks to have gotten quite a facelift courtesy of the art department). There are, however, a couple of scenes in which you can quickly glimpse the set that was built here in Hamilton – you have to keep your eyes peeled, but there are a couple of scenes in which a club called “Apollo” is visible; that was one of the fake buildings constructed on the North side of King St. east of John.

I posted about the production of some of these scenes here (posts include some video taken on scene during the filming). Here is some video of a bus explosion scene that was taken during the production:

Hulk 2 too.

In between periods of the Leaf game last night (yay Leafs fans for not booing McCabe -at all – and yay Leafs for showing up when it was gut check time), I banged together a rough edit of some video from last week’s Hulk 2 film shoot in downtown Hamilton. The big buzz on the street was for a scene where a vehicle (generally believed to be a “Hummer” by the man on the street, but described to me as a “jeep” by one of the movie guys) was to be propelled through one of the fake movie building walls. Obviously, everyone and his brother was interested in seeing this scene. That was what had kept me up until 3 o’clock in the morning on a couple of nights. I had been down to the set on Thursday October 11th, which was the second last day of filming – and saw no such scene. I figured that meant it was going to happen Friday night for sure. As it turned out, the scene they were doing did involve a Jeep, but the movie guys seemed to be working on a sequence in which the jeep, loaded with armed soldiers, goes careening through traffic on Main Street. In the meantime, extras were fleeing something on Hughson Street (presumably, this will turn out to be the Hulk in the finished movie). One good thing about this montage is that I did manage to get the scene from a number of different angles – but don’t hold your breath for a jeep smashing through a wall. In the end, Spouse and I gave up and went home to bed.

Things that go “BANG” in the night.

Hulk 2 is being filmed in downtown Hamilton right now.   Spouse and I went down to take in some of the movie magic and I brought along the video camera, hoping to capture some explosions and other cinematic truths.  I was not disappointed.  I suspect that this film will not focus overly much on character exposition and a search for human truth;  rather, the subject of the film is more likely to be “black powder and the things it blows up.”  I got a lot of video of the tableau below the window from which Spouse and I were watching:  a burnt-out NYC bus with a demolished sedan lying crossways across what would be top of the bus if it had any roof left, lots of (propane fuelled) flames everywhere, and a series of explosions that made the assembled extras eschew their previously lethargic ways and run screaming down the street. 

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