I Love the Smell of Egg Nog in the Morning

I have been pre-occupied with issues of civil defense, ever since the brazen assassination attempt of Sunday last.   Clearly, Juniorvanian security forces must be augmented if peace, order and good government are to be domestically restored.  Accordingly, although the Government of Juniorvania prefers the dove over the hawk, it is quite clear that the dove gets its ass kicked by things like snakes, whereas the hawk literally eats them for dinner.

Accordingly, serious consideration has been given to augmenting the armed forces of Juniorvania in the fashion depicted below (supplementary forces shown deploying seasonal camouflage).

house with santa heli
Santa and unidentified elf personnel medi-vacing casualties in sector 7-G on Bat 21 - Gene Hackman (not shown) believed to be hiding in the juniper bushes.