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Pass Your Papers to the Front of the Row

Believe it or not, this is MUCH tidier than it was before…

Pencils down, everyone, National Tidy Up and Reorganize Your Home Studio Day is over; just a lovely fond memory now for another year. Come now, no cheating, seriously, time is up!

My little corner of wired-up heaven isn’t perfect; […]

Pursuing Paul McCartney: My Little Home Studio

No T-Shirt, No Lonely Kid, No McCartney

Back when music used to come on large circular pieces of vinyl, I had a copy of one of Paul McCartney’s solo efforts entitled McCartney II. Now isn’t the time to get in to the debate of Paul vs. John as songwriters, or the relative merits of […]

Silent Here, Noisy Elsewhere: Bringing Peace to the Home Studio

Yes, yes, I know. I have been a very negligent blogger. I don’t want to say it’s been

Alesis MultMix USB 2.0 in its Peaceful Configuration

a while since I posted hereabouts, but…well, it probably wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone if the header image changed to “rolling tumbleweeds.”

And no, my recent […]

Like “Brewster’s Millions”, But Less Plausible…

This is how I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that print journalism must be anachronistic, irrelevant and doomed: I have been asked to write a piece on the Leafs for publication in an actual hold-it-in-your-hand, you-could-drop-that-thing-and-bruise-a-toe book. And get this: I am told that I will be getting paid to do this thing. […]

Introducing Wavy Gravy and Sebastien’s Theme.

In 1998, it somehow happened that my band agreed to write some music – on a volunteer, we can’t pay you for this basis – for a movie that was being directed by a friend of a friend. In truth, I do remember how this arrangement came to pass, but the story is boring, pointless […]

Project Squawk Begins

My work as a recordist on Saturday evening and Sunday morning (part of the Founders’ Day festivities) has inspired me to attempt to learn a little more about the voodoo magic that can be accomplished in a home stuido with one of these little fellas. One of my co-workers is married to a fellow who […]