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Man vs. Pond, 2009 Edition

This Small Body of Water is One Up on Junior After Today's Events

JUNIORVANIA (JP): In the annual season-opening yardwork test match, the score today was:



Detailed scoring summary and complete game recap to follow.

Meanwhile, Captain of the Juniorvanian Men’s Team and Beloved Leader of the Homeland Junior […]

Now THAT’S a Minibus

Spouse and I went for some lunch to a little burger and sub shop in St. George yesterday. I took a picture of the sign out front (depicted in the photograph below):

I’m not sure what utility there is in a mass transit vehicle that is twelve inches in length; but you […]

Leading by Trailing

Oh, I really have been a bad blogger, and a bad Internet friend. Looking at the two previous posts, it occurs to me that I’ve posted exactly once in something like 45 days. That’s not good. No, that just won’t do.

You know the excuse is coming. I will try to make it brief. If […]